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Shouts and Songs

4/23/2015 The readings for this Mass can be found at: Challenge of the Day: Take some time and literally Shout Joyfully to the Lord! And a little more time to Song praise to the glory of his name! For

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Telling Jesus the Whole Truth

2/5/13 9:11 PM Memorial of Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr Lectionary: 324 Reading 1 Heb 12:1-4 Brothers and sisters: Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us rid ourselves of every burden and sin that clings

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Deacon Paul Brown – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“This homily was given by Deacon Paul Brown. Deacon Brown is a parishioner here at St. Michael’s in Auburn.  He is married with five kids.  As I told the congregation at our Weekend Masses, I am very grateful to Deacon

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Happy Feast of the Assumption!

Happy Feast of the Assumption everyone! Today the Church celebrates a great miracle in the life of Mary–her being assumed into heaven. She stands as the hope for all the world–that we too may be assumed, body and soul, into

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Funeral Tuesday in Mobile

On Tuesday, I woke up early in the morning to serve at the Funeral Mass of Father Ernie Hyndman. The sun was just finishing its rising when I was heading out. Made for a serene start to the day. The

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I need to learn how to spell

“parafanilia” is actually spelled “paraphernalia” Thanks Rob. Also “Jasmine” is actually spelled “Yasmeen” And finally, what we ate at Pablo’s birthday party was a “Shrimp BOIL” not a “bRoil.” Big difference. I should have known better! haha Thanks Pablo.

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Family Visits

Sorry it’s been a week since the last post. My evenings have been blessed with several home visits & activities this past week which have made posting difficult…especially considering the amount of food in the tank upon returning to the

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Yesterday was a special day here at St. John’s. Jorge & Ilaria got married. They are a great couple that have really made me feel welcome here in Enterprise. They have fed me several times and helped introduce me to

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Before Mass this morning, I walked around the grounds of St. John’s as I said my Morning Prayer. Just as I finished, I walked by the grotto here and was struck by its beauty. I took a couple shots which

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Youth Group

As it has been said, “The rub is in the details.” So here is St. John’s sign showing Mass times to all those driving by on Alberta St. Also here are a couple shots from Youth Group tonight. Special thanks

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