Stewardship Weekend: Time & Talent

25th Sun in OT, Year C
Stewardship Weekend: Time & Talent
Fr. Victor Ingalls
If you found out tonight after Mass that you had cancer, how much time and
energy would you spend in order to get healthy again?
If you found out tonight, that you have made a terrible investment, how much
time and energy would you spend in order to be financially stable again?
If you found out tonight, that you stood to receive a 20 million dollar inheritance
from an eccentric uncle of yours, provided that you read War and Peace, a book
he always wanted to read but never found the time, and compose a 10 page
summary for him before he died, how much time and energy would you pour into
reading that book and writing that summary before your uncle croaked?
But now consider,
What if you found out tonight that your SOUL was deathly ill, because the last
time you really prayed was at your grandmotherʼs funeral…How much time and
energy would you spend into praying your soul back to health?
What if you found out tonight that you were selfish, and that 98% of your time
and energy was spent exclusively on yourself, how much time and energy would
you spend to grow in charity?
What if you found out tonight that on an average day, you spend more time
flipping through T.V. Channels that you do conversing with your Lord and Savior,
how much time and energy would you spend trying to balance out that equation?
Like the Dishonest Steward, it is probably easier for us to identify with the first set
of questions–questions that concern our physical and financial well being. For
the Dishonest Steward, material success had become his God. He was cheating
both his Master and his clients in order to have more STUFF.
However, suddenly this Idol..his STUFF…was put in Jeopardy. And, Thank God,
his focus was able to shift. For the first time in probably a long time, the steward
begins to Focus on the RELATIONSHIPS in his life–both with his master and
with his masterʼs debtors, now hoping that they may one day welcome him into
their homes in fellowship.
Now there is much debate among scholars about the quality of the stewardʼs
budgeting gymnastics–they appear to be shady at best and straight up illegal at
worst. However, Jesus gives him as a “PRUDENT” example to us because he
ACTED swiftly and decisively. Although he went about it in his own imperfect
way, he quickly acted to try to make things right with those he has short-changed
in his life.
As we consider our own shortchanging in being Stewards of our Time and
Talent…there may be the tendency to get overwhelmed and be afraid to take the
first step. We may think we donʼt have the time to spare or that we donʼt know
how best to share our talents.
Well, tonight Jesus is telling you…donʼt worry about being perfect. Just
Act …swiftly and decisively…and allow your main focus to shift from the material
things in your life to the Relationships–with your Master (God) and others.
First Consider your Time.
Everything in the Christian Life hinges on prayer.
*So what is your prayer like? The answer to this question will largely
determine the next–How healthy is your soul these days?
*These are perhaps to two most important questions we can ask
ourselves…but how seldom do we consider them or take action to address
How is it you could start to give God more of your time in prayer?
*Could you commit to 5 minutes of conversation with the Lord in the mornings?
*To pray a rosary every evening?
*To come to our Tuesday Evening Holy Hour from 6-7PM and pray for the
ongoing conversion and growth of this Parish to be a bright and authentic light of
the Gospel for the people of Auburn.
Whatever it may be. Decide TONIGHT to Pray more and ACT swiftly and
decisively…and allow your friendship with Christ to be enriched.
Our Activity as Christians ought to flow from our Prayer. Contrary to what our
instincts tell us at times, the closer we grow to God in prayer, the closer we are to
people. As God fills our souls, we will grow deeper in communion with others
and we will be compelled to reach out to them more… particularly in our families
and Church families.
As your pray this evening, consider your Talents. How are you sharing your
talents with your family and parish family? Do you share yourself with the people
in this parish beyond the sign of peace at Mass?
How is it you could share your Talents more here at St. Michaelʼs?
*Perhaps there is a Ministry you could sign up to get involved with
*Perhaps there is a person in the parish who you know could use some
help with yard work or studying or driving their kids home from school or
maybe just someone to chat with and share a cup of coffee
*Perhaps there is a person youʼve seen in the pews for years but never
gotten the courage or desire to strike up a conversation–maybe introduce
yourself and invite them over for dinner one night…or to a restaurant…if
your Talents donʼt include cooking well!
Whatever it is, Decide tonight to share your Talents more in this community…and
ACT….swiftly and decisively…and build up the Body of Christ here at our parish.
Jesus invites us tonight to trust him and his reasoning. That our lives will be
fuller, richer, more fulfilling, and blessed if we shift our focus from ourselves and
our material possessions to the nurturing of quality relationships with our God
and our neighbor.
So let us do the health of our souls a favor tonight, and ACT swiftly and

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