Highway for the Lord


Well…with the help of one of the people in the pews, I realized there are actually 5 times during Mass where we tell the Spirit within us to “wake up” (I should have remembered to tell my coining skills to wake up! Haha) The fifth being just before we exchange the sign of peace. So all the MORE reason to call upon the Holy Spirit regularly in our lives!

Challenge for the Week:

Call upon the Holy Spirit before everything you do. Before you transition to a new activity or engage in a new conversation, invite the Holy Spirit to stir within you and infuse your thoughts, words, actions, listening, and reactions. Also, take time to examine your heart and see if there is any sin that is obstructing the flow of the Holy Spirit. Consider making a good Confession during Advent and allow The Lord to transform the “wasteland” of your sins into a “highway” for the Sprit to flow. Do these two things well, and come Christmas we may welcome Christ powerfully into our midst!
You can find the readings for this Mass at: